Continuity of Veteran Care

Preflight preparation of the F16-VISTA is completed

Cloud VISTA Strategy

VA is implementing the U.S. Federal Cloud Computing Strategy for the VA’s Veteran Information Systems Technology and Architecture (VISTA) systems. This strategy incorporates both the U.S. Cloud-First Strategy and U.S. Cloud-Smart Strategy.


In VA’s Cloud-First Strategy for VISTA, VA is migrating VISTA from many diverse, decentralized, legacy on-premises data centers to a single, centralized, Federally-certified commercial cloud. This unifies and modernizes management of the VISTA systems and Veteran data, modernizes VA’s enterprise IT infrastructure, and eliminates then need to manage and maintain duplicative data centers, allowing legacy infrastructure to be decomissioned.


In VA’s Cloud-Smart Strategy for VISTA, VA is implementing cloud-specific VISTA Adaptive Maintenance (VAM) within the VA Enterprise Cloud, which provides a roadmap and software for cloud-native security, scalability, and services for VISTA users to the highest standards in the U.S. government, all using straightforward off-the-shelf commercial cloud services and microservices. VISTA will be operationalized with the VAM cloud optimizations within VA’s Enterprise Cloud leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Strategic Benefits

  • Migrate VISTA from disparate VA data centers to single Federally-certified commercial cloud without disturbing veteran care
  • Safely and incrementally centralize VISTA functionality in the Cloud, with no loss of VA- or veteran-specific care or services
  • Minimize cost, complexity, and risks of maintaining each of the 130 distinct, decentralized VISTA systems during multi-year VA modernization transition.
  • Centralized, cloud-based, off the shelf monitoring and security of VISTA end-user client activity
  • Current VISTA clients and workflows fully supported and secured

VISTA in the Cloud has much improved performance, scalability, security, and reliability.