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Usr Class Membership (8930.3)

This file links a person from the New Person file to a class in the User Class file. Since user class membership includes members of all subclasses, users should be made members of the most discrete class in a hierarchy of classes. For example, if Jones is a dentist, Jones should be entered into the Dentist class. Since Dentist is a subclass of the Provider class, Jones is then automatically a Provider. Persons wearing several different hats can have more than one entry in the file. For example, Smith might be a dietician also working toward a nursing degree. Smith could be entered twice, once as a Dietician and once as a Student Nurse.

Global: ^USR(8930.3,

Domain: Non-Clinical


Label/Field Name Field # Description Datatype Attributes Range
.01 This is the name of the person to whom membership in a given User Class is
being ascribed.
User Class
.02 This is the User Class to which the User in question is being grated
POINTER   Usr_Class-8930
Effective Date
.03 This is the date on which the user became, or will become a member of the
User Class in question. This can be used to determine current, past, or
future membership status within a given User Class, as well as for
scheduling transitions between Classes (e.g., members of the class “PGY1
Residents” will finish their rotation on June 1st, and you’d like to
schedule their trasition into the class PGY2 Residents as of that date).
Expiration Date
.04 This is the optional date on which the User’s membership in a given class
will expire (i.e., be automatically discontinued). This can be used to
determine historical or future membership within a particular class, and
to schedule transitions between classes (e.g., the current members of the
PGY1 Residents Class will become PGY2 Residents on June 1st, at which time
their membership in the class PGY1 Residents will expire, and their
membership in the class PGY2 Residents will become effective).

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