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Location (9999999.06)

This file contains the IHS Standard Facilities and their Associated codes, CHS Vendors, pointers to their respective service units and areas, a 2-4 character abbreviation, and the highest medical record number assigned by that facility. Changes to this data dictionary should be coordinated thru the IHS DBA. This file reflects entries in the IHS Standard Code Book, section VIII-C Area - Service Unit - Facility. Local additions or modifications should not be made. Monthly updates (if required) are provided by the IHS DBA thru the patch module.

Global: ^AUTTLOC(

Domain: Non-Clinical


Label/Field Name Field # Description Datatype Attributes Range
.01 This field points to the Institution file (#4) and has the same internal
number as that file. Thus, the location has the same name as the
Institution file (#4). The location is also referred to as the Facility.

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