The Master Data Model for Veteran Care

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Returns a set of New Person file entries for use in a long list box.

Native RPC Documentation: ORWU NEWPERS

MUMPS Implementation: NEWPERS^ORWU


Property Value
Type Non-Clinical
Domain Others
Class READ
Complexity DIFFICULT
Return Type ARRAY
Return Description  
File Types Used 3.1, 20, 49, 389.9, 200, 8932.1
Parameters Used None

Input Parameters

Name Type Required Description Example
ORFROM LITERAL true Starting name for set of New Person entries to return ALEXANDER,ROBERS~
ORDIR LITERAL true Direction to move through the x-ref with $O (1 or -1) -1
ORKEY LITERAL false Screen users by security key (optional) PROVIDER
ORDATE LITERAL false Checks for an active person class on this date (optional) 3170506
ORVIZ LITERAL false If true, includes RDV users; otherwise does not (optional) 1
ORALL LITERAL false specifies whether or not to return ALL users, both active and inactive. 1

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